Sempercare® Nitrile Skin²

The soft material developed by our European Research Centre allows for maximum sense of touch and comfort due to optimised wall thickness, and at the same time maximum protection from infection.

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Protects users and patients from the transmission of infections. In addition of infections as per EN 455-1,  the gloves also fulfil the virus impermeability requirements  of ASTM F 1671.

With the newly developed material, the Sempercare®  Nitrile Skin² feels soft and light.

The elastic material offers highest wearing comfort and a maximum sense of touch.

The glove is powder-free and does not contain any natural latex proteins. This makes it ideal for people with type I allergy who do not want to miss the comfort of latex.

The Sempercare® Nitrile Skin2 is both labelled as  medical  device (class 1) and single-use protective glove (PPE  category III). Thereby it can be used for additional applications such as laboratory/ pharma, food/catering,  professional cleaning/ hygiene.

Data sheet

Semperit Technische Produkte GmbH · Division Sempermed Austria · A-1031 Vienna
Amount in the package
200 vnt.
Lavender blue colour
XS, S, M, L, XL